Sweet Reaction

We began our season a little slow amidst the rain and mud. Now we are ready to officially get this season started.

We will be at the roadside stand Thursday 8:00 a.m. (or shortly thereafter) and look forward to seeing you then. We also look forward to your sweet reactions!


Strikingly Sweet

You might be wondering if our admin quit or has been on strike this season being there have been little to no updates on the corn.

Rest assured there is no strike. As a matter of fact, there isn’t even an admin, technically speaking. Simply a gal who volunteers her time updating social media on behalf of her father and two brother’s corn growing adventures.

The way I see it, if said father and brothers fail to update this gal because of all the uncertainties around farming, than it is this gal’s prerogative to refuse to update corn enthusiasts. Am I to post, “Not a clue, your guess is as good as mine”? Believe me, it has crossed my mind. Or what about, “Here is the physical address of the corn field, go see for yourself and let me know so I can update others.” That could be interesting.

Funny enough, this gal received a call from her father on Father’s Day. Upon answering the phone he proceeded to update me the rain and this week’s forecast concerns. Not only did he seem hesitant to update me on tomorrow’s plans, he was extremely hesitant.

Per my father, they will be attempting to pick corn by hand tomorrow morning starting at 8:00 a.m. If all goes as planned, they should be at the road side stand by 9:00 a.m. or shortly thereafter. As I understand it, it will not be as much corn as they would normally pick, but they will gauge the day as it goes.

With that said, please do not rush to the stand with high expectations tomorrow. However, if you are in the area and want to take a chance, you just might be one of the lucky few!


Celebrating 80

Another year has come and gone and we are only days away from the start of our 2019 corn season.

Our family has been busy the past several months celebrating life and it’s major milestones. We took full advantage of our father’s 80thbirthday and organized a family vacation in which every child and grandchild was able to attend. Arranging twenty-eight family members to be in the same location for four days is not the easiest of tasks. As a matter of fact, the only person at risk of missing our father’s birthday retreat…was our dad.

Luckily, we talked Michael (dad) out of the field and essentially dragged him along for what he might actually admit was a very memorable and relaxing weekend.

The twenty-eight of us aligned our schedules once again four months later for our parents 50thWedding Anniversary. It was a celebratory weekend surrounded by our extended family, many special friends, and plenty of our loyal corn customers.

After 80 years of hard work and dedication, including 50 years of marriage, we believe our dad’s most successful harvest has been his family.

The corn was planted in early Spring and we have since received an abundance of rain. The corn is starting to tassel and we are predicting our usual mid June readiness and look forward to updating you as the day’s progress.

Sweet 50

Our parents, Michael and Carol, met 56 years ago when our grandmother, Dorothy, introduced them during a square dance in Frankfurt, Germany. Our grandfather was the square dance teacher, and the introduction was most likely out of convenience or perhaps a mother’s intuition.

Six years later, our parents married on December 28, 1968 and built a home in Lindsay, Texas where our dad pursued his passion for farming and ranching.

Fast-forward several years, and it was grandmother Dorothy who made yet another sweet and fortunate introduction. This time, she introduced locally grown hand picked sweet corn!

Grandma would bring bags of fresh picked sweet corn from Oklahoma to our parents, and their ever-growing family in Lindsay, Texas. After a couple of years it was her ambitious son-in-law, Michael, who decided he could grow his own sweet corn for the family and planted an acre the following season. Upon the realization that one acre of corn was too much for one extended family, he decided to send his oldest son, Ashley (our brother) up to the roadside in front of their house and Fuhrmann Sweet Corn was born.

Today we are proud to honor our parents’ 50-year union and will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary on Sunday, December 30th 2:00-4:00 p.m. at Conrad Hall in Lindsay, Texas. We would be honored if you gift our parents with your presence.

Closed for the Season

Another season of corn has come and gone. We are officially closed until next year and look forward to seeing you again then.

Going, Going, Not Quite Gone

We will have fresh picked sweet corn again today and might even make it to Friday before the last field is actually finished.

We will see you at the road side stand one mile West of Lindsay on the South side of Hwy 82 starting at 8:00 a.m.

Our Sweet Path

We will have freshly picked sweet corn on Tuesday, and will possibly carry over into Wednesday, as we bring this season to a close. Thank you for helping make 2018 another memorable year!

Last Saturday of the Season

Come see us Saturday as we wrap up our final weekend of sweet corn. We anticipate having corn on Monday and Tuesday of next week but no guarantees. When it’s gone, it’s gone.

You can find us at the road side stand starting at 8:00 a.m. one mile West of Lindsay on the South side of Hwy 82.

With Tender Loving Care

This Fuhrmann grandkid is bagging sweet corn with sweet care. We will be at the roadside stand Thursday and anticipate one more week before end of season. Come grab your corn while it lasts.

Fuhrmanns and Friends

We look forward to seeing you again on Tuesday where freshly picked sweet corn awaits you starting at 8:00 a.m.

Photo credit: Willetta Crowe Photography