Short Day Tuesday

Only one load of corn available today before we park our trailers, take a break, and await the next field of corn to be ready. We hope to see you later this week in preparation of your Independence Day celebrations.


3 thoughts on “Short Day Tuesday

  1. Diane Carminati says:

    Hello Mr. Fuhrmann! This is Diane Carminati in Austin, Texas and we LOVE YOUR CORN here in Austin!!! My Mother Jo Carminati who lives in Montague comes each year to get your Wonderful Corn and freezes it for us! How lucky are we??? She just heard your corn was ready so she was planning on getting to your place early in the morning. Will you have corn for her? Thank You – Diane or feel free to call 512 422 0557

  2. Karen says:

    I came by to pick up my corn and no was here

  3. Mary says:

    Any corn today

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