Sweet Things are Starting to Happen

It might have started a year like no other, but we are finally seeing doors opening, seats filling, and graduations happening. We have witnessed farming continuing, crops turning, and sweet corn growing.

We are thankful for a lifestyle in which staying at home with family is exactly where we need to be. Home on our farm. Home with our family.

One sign of normalcy is our sweet corn’s readiness each June and the hundreds of you who anxiously await the announcement of opening day.

We anticipate that we are only two weeks out and look forward to seeing you very soon.

The Sweet Finale

We are picking the last rows of sweet corn and expect to be wrapping up over the next day (or two). Be sure to come out and grab your last bag of fresh picked corn before then.

It is always a bitter sweet week as the Fuhrmann grandkids head back to their homes and our father moves on to tend to his next crops. Thank you for making 2019 another exciting and unforgettable year!

Time Flies When You’re Bagging Corn!

These Fuhrmann grandkids are five years older and still bagging corn with a smile.

Come by and see us Saturday morning as we count down our final days. We anticipate this being our last weekend and wrapping up the 2019 season by mid-week.

We will be at the road side stand starting at 8:00 a.m. one mile West of Lindsay on the South side of Hwy 82.

The Sweetest Reward

When you spend a long hot day picking and bagging corn, you get to set aside the biggest and BEST ear of corn all for yourself. It is one of the many rewards of being a Fuhrmann corn picker.

We will be back at the road side stand Monday morning and look forward to seeing you then.

Corn Picking Cousins

A couple of corn picking Fuhrmann cousins bagging corn at the road side stand.

Stop by and get your freshly picked (and bagged) corn today!




Sweet Corn Saturday

Just in time for the weekend. We will have fresh picked sweet corn on Saturday.

See you at the road side stand starting as early as 8:00 a.m. one mile West of Lindsay on the South side of Hwy 82.

Taking A Break

Our trailers are parked and we are taking a break as we wait for the fourth and final field to be ready.

We hope you have a safe and memorable Independence Day celebration and look forward to seeing you again soon.

Shuck it, Cut it, Bag it, Freeze It

We all love fresh corn on the cob in the summer, but the season for fresh corn only lasts so long. The next best thing is to freeze your corn and ensure you have a taste of summer all year round. How do you prepare your corn for freezing?

We have fresh picked corn awaiting you at the road side stand. Come get yours today!

You Want It. We’ve Got It.

We will be back at the road side stand Thursday morning. Come out and see us for your first, second, or even third time this season. Too good to resist and always room for more! See you soon.

One Mile West of Lindsay on the Southside of Hwy 82


It’s A Sweet Saturday After All

I listened to my father debate with himself for 26 minutes before I finally asked him to just make a decision and let me off the phone already. My brothers were in separate tractors/combines and apparently not available to talk. Lucky me, I feel a bit stressed myself right about now.

It is next week’s forecast of rain that is forcing the decision on whether to pick corn on Saturday or to take a chance on the weather and hope for the best.

Nonetheless, the decision has been made and it will definitely be a sweet Saturday after all. We look forward to seeing you at the roadside stand starting at 8:00 a.m. or shortly thereafter. We are located one mile West of Lindsay on the South side of Hwy 82.