Lindsay Letter – June 26, 2009

Ron Jones turned his truck off of U.S. 82 just west of Lindsay to do some roadside shopping for a golden tasty treat for a second time in a few hours Monday afternoon.

“This is my second time today,” said Jone of Saint Jo. “I come every year and buy five to six bags. Last year, I bought 22 bags. It’s good sweet corn.

“Whenever I see he’s open, I swing in. You have to get it when it’s here. When it’s gone; it’s gone.”

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The Lindsay Letter – June, 2008

For a second time in recent weeks, Lavern Nortman pulled off of U.S. 82 to be greeted by two young girls at her car that promptly took her order for a bag of corn.

Nortman is one of hundreds Tuesday to make the stop at the Fuhrmann Sweet Corn stand just west of Lindsay. Many wait in lines sometimes 30 to 40 deep for their bag of 30 ears of corn.

“The corn is just wonderful,” Nortman said. “It’s fresh from the field. It’s sweet and hasn’t been sitting around for several days. We come every year.”

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