Sweet Things are Starting to Happen

It might have started a year like no other, but we are finally seeing doors opening, seats filling, and graduations happening. We have witnessed farming continuing, crops turning, and sweet corn growing.

We are thankful for a lifestyle in which staying at home with family is exactly where we need to be. Home on our farm. Home with our family.

One sign of normalcy is our sweet corn’s readiness each June and the hundreds of you who anxiously await the announcement of opening day.

We anticipate that we are only two weeks out and look forward to seeing you very soon.

3 thoughts on “Sweet Things are Starting to Happen

  1. Dessie says:

    Please let me know when corn is ready

  2. Cobb Prince says:

    When are you having corn for sale?

  3. Mary Salisbury says:

    Please let me know when it is ready.
    Thank you
    Mary Salisbury

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