The Sweet Month of June

We are chomping at the bit to start chomping on some corn.

Mid-June is quickly approaching and generally the time of year that our first field of corn is ready. That means we are only days away from the start of our 2021 season.

We will play it by ear and alert you as soon as it’s go time. See you real soon!


10 thoughts on “The Sweet Month of June

  1. Regina Kemp says:

    Please notify Me when My Mom and I can get some corn. We are out and We Love Your Corn

  2. Royce Sanders says:

    Can you let me know when the corn is ready

  3. LaQuita Medcalf says:

    I’m interested in buying your corn when it is ready. Please notify me when ready.

  4. Denise Holt says:

    Please remind me when the corn is ready please.

  5. Steve says:

    Plz update all of ur social media when you plan to be open for business….not everyone does FB.

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