Celebrating 80

Another year has come and gone and we are only days away from the start of our 2019 corn season.

Our family has been busy the past several months celebrating life and it’s major milestones. We took full advantage of our father’s 80thbirthday and organized a family vacation in which every child and grandchild was able to attend. Arranging twenty-eight family members to be in the same location for four days is not the easiest of tasks. As a matter of fact, the only person at risk of missing our father’s birthday retreat…was our dad.

Luckily, we talked Michael (dad) out of the field and essentially dragged him along for what he might actually admit was a very memorable and relaxing weekend.

The twenty-eight of us aligned our schedules once again four months later for our parents 50thWedding Anniversary. It was a celebratory weekend surrounded by our extended family, many special friends, and plenty of our loyal corn customers.

After 80 years of hard work and dedication, including 50 years of marriage, we believe our dad’s most successful harvest has been his family.

The corn was planted in early Spring and we have since received an abundance of rain. The corn is starting to tassel and we are predicting our usual mid June readiness and look forward to updating you as the day’s progress.


2 thoughts on “Celebrating 80

  1. Melanie howington says:

    When will your next batch be ready for pick up? Missed it last Friday and no corn was out on Monday at 9.

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