Sweet 50

Our parents, Michael and Carol, met 56 years ago when our grandmother, Dorothy, introduced them during a square dance in Frankfurt, Germany. Our grandfather was the square dance teacher, and the introduction was most likely out of convenience or perhaps a mother’s intuition.

Six years later, our parents married on December 28, 1968 and built a home in Lindsay, Texas where our dad pursued his passion for farming and ranching.

Fast-forward several years, and it was grandmother Dorothy who made yet another sweet and fortunate introduction. This time, she introduced locally grown hand picked sweet corn!

Grandma would bring bags of fresh picked sweet corn from Oklahoma to our parents, and their ever-growing family in Lindsay, Texas. After a couple of years it was her ambitious son-in-law, Michael, who decided he could grow his own sweet corn for the family and planted an acre the following season. Upon the realization that one acre of corn was too much for one extended family, he decided to send his oldest son, Ashley (our brother) up to the roadside in front of their house and Fuhrmann Sweet Corn was born.

Today we are proud to honor our parents’ 50-year union and will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary on Sunday, December 30th 2:00-4:00 p.m. at Conrad Hall in Lindsay, Texas. We would be honored if you gift our parents with your presence.


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