An Invitation To His Table


What does a farmer do when it’s been raining everyday for a week and he can’t harvest his wheat? He normally takes cover in his shop where the roof keeps him dry and where a tractor or other equipment is often in need of repair. This past week however, our father had something different in mind and decided to see it through.

This brings back childhood memories of the times our mechanically inclined father would come home with a special project. Something he would create from scratch thanks to his ever-growing ever so handy pile of scrap metal. Like the time he brought home the world’s most amazing seesaw EVER! It had metal tractor seats on each end and the perfect amount of metal in-between. That special seesaw did not only go up and down, but it also went round and round. It had to have been the most dangerous seesaw ever built but times were different then.

This week’s special “rained-in” metal project is a carefully constructed table, whose size was to be its most important feature. As we have learned, our dad wanted to build a table that was over ten foot in diameter. A ten foot three inch round table with ball bearings that harkens back to that old seesaw that carried us kids round and round. Not sure how many of you have ever seen a ten foot round table but trust us when we say that this is one very BIG table.

Now keep in mind that our dad has six children and fourteen grandkids, not to mention the in-laws. Simple math tells you we need a large table for holidays and family gatherings. If over the next week, any of you see an extremely large table with a fresh coat of yellow paint being transported down Hwy 82, be sure to take note. This amazingly large big round table was not built for his family nor any upcoming holiday get together. This amazingly large special metal project was built for YOU! That’s correct, this table will be on its way to the roadside corn stand, where you now have yet another reason to visit us this season.

We dialed up our father, Michael, yesterday evening to get an update, “The corn is going to be exceptionally good, I think”. He proceeded to tell us, “Probably another week or so, not sure.” Our ever-confident yet noncommittal father also provided updates on the table and as flashbacks of the dangerous seesaw prevailed he said in jest, “As long as the kids don’t make a merry-go-round with it.”

We look forward to seeing you around the table.



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