Another Sweet June

Corn 2016
A year has come and gone and we are nearing the start of corn season once again. This is the perfect time to look back at the past year and provide you a glimpse of what has transpired on the Fuhrmann farm. We have had our usual ups and downs and consider the past months to have been jammed packed full of surprises, tension, and joy.

The Fuhrmann grandkids are growing in leaps and bounds and have also increased in number. The newest grandchild arrived in September bringing the total count to fourteen Fuhrmann corn pickers.

We experienced a memorable occasion in November as we celebrated our mother’s 70th birthday. Needless to say, farming activity was put on hold and our Fuhrmann Sweet Corn shirts were packed as we headed to Iowa City of all places. We visited our mother’s alma mater and took in a nail biting Hawkeye’s game. We paraded around that city like the corn ambassadors that we are.

Our eldest brother, the families first official corn picker, celebrated his 46th birthday in January. This year he received the unpredictable gift of beef. Nearly half a ton of beef that came crashing down on him while tending cattle. It is not uncommon to obtain an injury in this profession, but this incident took the cake. After a dislocated hip, broken femur, two surgeries and five months of rehab, he is ready to get up and moving in anticipation of this year’s busy season.

The corn was planted in early Spring and what has since become the norm we have received an abundance of rain. The corn has tasseled and we are predicting two to three weeks until start of season. This prediction puts us in the usual mid June timeframe and we look forward to updating you as the days progress.


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