Countdown to perfection

photo (3)

Stopped by the folks house this past weekend and was graced with a bag that contained perfect, freshly picked ears of corn. The week leading up to corn season is always an exciting time. The week you are able to walk through the field, find a few mature ears and feel as though you gained access into the sneak preview of one of the most anticipated films of the year. Special privileges. VIP membership required. Convinced you know the “right” people. Satisfaction that your family chose farming as a profession, and that you are not trespassing to acquire.

Simply put, if those ears of corn are any indication what dinner will be like over the next few weeks, we have some exciting times ahead. Pure perfection.

We gave our father, Michael, another call yesterday evening to get an update and perhaps to confirm a date when corn season will officially begin. Although the conversation was made difficult by the fact that Michael was in the combine finishing off a field of wheat, we did hear him say, “Maybe Friday”. When questioned whether he actually will begin on Friday he replied, “Friday, maybe Saturday.”


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