Corn Picking Cousins

A couple of corn picking Fuhrmann cousins bagging corn at the road side stand.

Stop by and get your freshly picked (and bagged) corn today!





2 thoughts on “Corn Picking Cousins

  1. Libby Barnard says:

    Hi I’m in Wichita Falls Texas. My dad Drove on the 5th to buy some more corn and sadly y’all were out. Just wondering if y’all will have anymore tomorrow (Sunday, July 7th) I would like at least 5 or 6 bags? I will take less if needed!! Thank you so much!! My number is (940) 782-4211 or email

    • 82sweetcorn says:

      Sunday’s are our day of rest but we will be back at it again on Monday morning. Be sure to check back here or even our Facebook page for the latest updates. You can attempt to reach us at 940-668-7423 but often times we are not available to answer. We do hope you are able to catch us soon and before the end of season.

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