It’s A Sweet Saturday After All

I listened to my father debate with himself for 26 minutes before I finally asked him to just make a decision and let me off the phone already. My brothers were in separate tractors/combines and apparently not available to talk. Lucky me, I feel a bit stressed myself right about now.

It is next week’s forecast of rain that is forcing the decision on whether to pick corn on Saturday or to take a chance on the weather and hope for the best.

Nonetheless, the decision has been made and it will definitely be a sweet Saturday after all. We look forward to seeing you at the roadside stand starting at 8:00 a.m. or shortly thereafter. We are located one mile West of Lindsay on the South side of Hwy 82.




3 thoughts on “It’s A Sweet Saturday After All

  1. Pat Blankenship says:

    We have been buying this corn for years! Best ever! My neighbor asked us to get him five bags this year. I noticed the price had gone up two dollars a bag, which I didn’t have a problem with, but had already told my neighbor it was five dollars a bag for 25 ears. We processed our corn the day we got it. My neighbor took his home and said four of his bags had 17 ears and one bag 18 ears. We didn’t count any of our bags. Has the count changed too? I think he thinks we might have ripped him off? A little embarrassed 😩. We are loyal customers and will continue to buy your corn! Love your story. The kids are adorable! Pat Blankenship

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