Sweet Corn & Sweet Fruit

It is mid July and we still have corn, although we are counting down the hours before end of season. Luckily, our neighboring fruit farmer is stocking the road side stand with fresh cantaloupe, watermelon, and peaches. Come get yours today!


10 thoughts on “Sweet Corn & Sweet Fruit

  1. Tena Smith says:

    Are you going to have sweet corn for 2018 season?

  2. Johnny Ince says:

    Talked to your Dad little over a week said corn should be ready in a couple of weeks which will be around the 28th.. will it be ready at that time….can’t wait…

    • 82sweetcorn says:

      Our dad told us the same thing, “Late June Readiness”. However, he started selling corn last week and has already finished the first field. Luckily, there should be corn available over the next days/weeks as they get through the remaining four fields.

      • Johnny Ince says:

        Do you think about Thursday would be a good day to check on?

      • 82sweetcorn says:

        Apologies fo the late response. We have had corn available at the road side stand for a week now. After this weekend we will be closer to halfway through which means you can expect corn available for another weeks or so after today.

      • Tena Smith says:

        Thank you for answering my post. I found 82sweetcorn on fb and immediately went & got corn. Thanks again.

      • Johnny Ince says:

        Well we decided to go to the corn. They were selling this morning and it really really good. Had to fix an ear to try and it so sweet and good. Will go back in a few days for more.

      • 82sweetcorn says:

        Glad you made it out and got your corn. We try to update our website often to keep folks abreast of the activity. We appreciate the great feedback. Enjoy your corn!

  3. Johnny Ince says:

    Going tomorrow for a couple more sacks. Sure hope it is as good as the last. Thanks for keeping us updated/

  4. Johnny Ince says:

    Is corn season over for 2019 time got away from me this year/

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