June’s Forecast Calls for Corn


The 4th day of June has come and gone and we have yet to update you on this year’s sweet corn. The anticipation this past month has been considerably different from years past. Would record rainfall prevent a productive crop? Was the corn even planted or were the fields too wet to access?

We have been asking our dad, Michael, for an update having been asked the same by many of you. Now speaking for myself, I noticed that the response Michael gave was much more confident than years past. I found his confidence slightly frightening, “Mid June”. In disbelief I asked him several more times and for the most part got the same answer. His only other response was the complete opposite, “I don’t know, I can’t get to the field to check the corn.” (Insert confused face here.)

Today I took a drive towards the cornfield and was presented with an impassible creek. I saw for myself what is blocking our dad from getting anywhere near the field. A creek overfilled with rushing water. Do we take our dad’s confident reply and alert you of the mid June readiness or let the creek recede and get back to you in a couple of weeks?

One obstacle course and hundreds of mosquitos later I had reached the field via foot. I was overcome with a huge smile and childlike behavior. I am already planning my very near future. It was a beautiful sight with corn galore. Mid June it is and we look forward to seeing you then.


2 thoughts on “June’s Forecast Calls for Corn

  1. Bonnie hefley says:

    We love your corn. Will it be ready soon? We drive over from Madill.

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