June Jitters


We have been experiencing the typical conversations leading up to this year’s corn season. Typical in the sense that our father (Mr. Corn King himself) experiences a bit of nervousness, best described as lack of confidence that the corn will even produce. After all, if you had selected a craft 35 years ago, and spent each year trying to perfect that craft, you too would only want the best possible outcome each year.

He signed up for an occupation that requires extensive knowledge and experience in the field, literally. A craft that he has perfected, but yet, cannot guarantee year-to-year or even week-to-week. You can prep your fields accurately. You can select the perfect variety of seeds after years of experimenting. You can plant 24 acres with careful consideration of exact timing and placement. At the end of the day, Mother Nature is still the queen. Who will wear the pants in the castle this year you ask?

Unofficial report from Michael (because we promised him we would not post it) is that corn might be available within the week.


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