The Harvester

I live in Austin, so all of this farming and manual labor is very new to me. I’m still deciding whether I like it or not, but I’ll let you know when I make up my mind. Today wasn’t my first day ever working corn, but it is the first day this year. I came up from Austin on Sunday, and plan to work corn this whole week. Let’s be honest here. I only came for the paycheck at the end of the week. But today has shown me a little bit more than the back of the harvester. I have learned that maybe the pay isn’t the only gain I’m getting this week. Hard work and determination are key assets in life, and I may just learn them here. Michael Fuhrmann is a very determined man, and I think that I can learn from him, if I try. He’s always up early in the morning, and comes home late at night, doing what he loves to do. There aren’t many people who are happy doing what they do, who enjoy their job, but my papa is one of those lucky few.

Sean – age 14


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